Consumers! Are You Being Smart About Mobile Privacy?

6 Best Practices to Avoid Smartphone Privacy Issues and More [Infographic]

Emerging Media: Today & Beyond


What’s on your mobile device? Are email addresses, phone numbers, contacts, personal photos, location addresses, and personal financial information available on your mobile device? With all this information stored on mobile devices, many consumers are highly concerned about the safety and confidentiality of their personal information.  In fact, the infographic below shows that a recent survey reports 92 percent of internet users worry about their privacy online, 89 percent of consumers reportedly have avoided companies that do not protect their privacy, and 45 percent are now more worried about online privacy than they were a year ago.


From these statistics, it is vital for consumers to become more responsible and take the necessary steps to protect their personal information on emerging media. Christopher Olsen, an assistant director in the FTC’s division of privacy and identity protection, and Eduard Goodman, the Phoenix-based chief privacy officer for the blog Identity Theft 911…

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